The Benefits of Elevator Monitoring for Building Owners and Managers

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When it comes to transportation, elevators are one of the safest ways to get from Point A to Point B. Despite the long list of operational elevator safety features in place, however, an elevator monitoring system is still necessary.

After all, if there is a mechanical failure or someone is trapped in the car with a dangerous person, elevator monitoring can save a life. There are several benefits of elevator monitoring, and we’ve included a list of the top 6.

1. Comply with Code Requirements

There are various codes that must be complied with to have a legally operated elevator, including requirements stipulated by the ADA, ASME, and IBC. As technology has advanced, both the available tools for monitoring and the instances of enforcement have increased.

Today, an elevator needs elevator video monitoring in addition to voice communication.

2. Create Peace of Mind

Did you know that 4% of the population is afraid to ride in an elevator? Even the bravest among us has probably pictured a worst-case scenario if an elevator lurches or something else triggers the imagination.

When passengers see that there is advanced monitoring in place, they’re more likely to feel comfortable riding in the elevator.

3. Deter Criminal Activity

Elevator passengers are vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of a confined space to commit criminal acts, ranging from theft to physical harm. When there is a monitoring company behind a video camera, a criminal is going to think twice before and will likely avoid taking action that can be seen on video.

4. Prevent Mechanical Failures

An experienced elevator monitoring service operator is well-versed in what it looks like when an elevator is functioning normally. When there’s even a slight variation in functionality, a monitoring company can detect the issue and notify a technician to make a repair.

Fixing problems proactively saves you from having to make major repairs later or exposing passengers to harm.

5. Provide Legal Protection

Even if you’ve ticked all the boxes on your maintenance list and your inspections are up-to-date, unexpected issues can still happen. For example, you can be sued in civil court if someone is stuck or files a false injury claim.

By having monitoring in place, you can detect mechanical issues (as discussed above) or have video evidence that an alleged injury never actually happened.

6. Save Money on Insurance

The amount of your building or company’s insurance premiums is based on a measure of risk. A reputable elevator monitoring service can drastically reduce the risk of mechanical failure, crime, and personal injury claims, which can result in lower insurance premiums.

Elevator Phone Monitoring that Pays for Itself

By investing in an elevator monitoring service, you’ll receive benefits that can lead to the service paying for itself faster than you think. ELEVATE is UL-listed with fully trained, U.S.-based operators on staff 24/7. All of our systems are compliant with the most current safety code requirements.

To learn more about our elevator phones and monitoring services, call us at 1-877-990-9191.

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