While elevator monitoring is our business, service is our trademark

At ELEVATE, we’re on a mission to put an end to this false sense of security that surrounds the elevator industry, with many elevator phones not reporting to emergency monitoring centers, as they should be. Drawing on decades of innovation and our passion for life safety, we’ve built an operating system that doesn’t just improve redundancy–but elevates it to a whole new league.

What does it take to make someone feel secure?

360 degree coverage – every minute of every day.

The most advanced elevator monitoring technology.

Personalized attentive service.

Unwavering commitment to meeting customers changing needs.

In short, it takes an elevator monitoring company like ELEVATE.

Elevate - Elevator Monitoring Company

Dedicated Customer Satisfaction

For over 34 years, we’ve dedicated our business to providing our customers with a heightened sense of security and satisfaction.

We do this by offering the latest, leading-edge monitoring technology to safeguard you, your customers. We staff only highly-trained, responsive operators, and give you a quick access to the help you need – anytime and anywhere. Because while security is our business, service is our trademark.

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