Leading Elevator
Monitoring Company

Customer Service

Committed to serving the needs of the Elevator Companies
and Building Managers – every minute of every day.

Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you on a number of levels, from helping you get your elevator set up, to fulfilling the day-to-day needs of your office staff.

They are directly responsible for:

  • Constant communication with our customers, which includes providing valued feedback on performance, future service suggestions, updates on newly released services, and more.
  • Handling all questions, problems or inquiries that may arise from our customers and/or their clients.
  • Analyzing all monitoring contracts for completeness and connecting back with the customer for clarification when relevant data is in question. Every new account is considered active from the moment we receive the monitoring agreement in-house – regardless of the time of day.
  • Perpetual proofing of all new account and change request information entered into our databases for accuracy and integrity.
  • Educating customers on all of our service offerings and various methods of remote access, via online webinar, in-house classroom, or on-site visitation.
  • Helping customers who may be moving from another monitoring provider make a smooth transition. Count on our Service Agents to help make the transition a pleasant experience every step of the way, from the initial introduction to the day you send in your first elevator call.
  • Helping the customers who are new to the industry get all the information they need to be successful. We even support their back-office needs if they’re not yet ready for their own office staff.
  • Providing basic technical support for the things such as supported technologies, data transmission accuracy, receiver phone numbers or IP addresses. In addition, we offer advanced in-house technical escalation and vendor support information.
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