Why Your Building Needs an Elevator Monitoring Service

Elevator shaft

Did you know that at 325 million elevator rides per day, elevators are the most common form of transportation? From mid and high-rise apartment buildings to skyscrapers and multi-story office buildings, riding in an elevator is a part of many people’s daily routines.

With few exceptions, elevators no longer have human operators, making elevator monitoring an essential safety function. Safety isn’t the only reason why your building needs an elevator monitoring service, however. We’ve uncovered the top 4 reasons (including passenger safety) to consider adding this service to your building operations.

Reason 1. Ensure Passenger Safety

Even though elevators are a mechanically safe form of transportation, there are still risks. An elevator emergency phone that connects to an experienced and professionally trained operator can provide passengers with peace of mind knowing that they’ll be taken care of in a worst-case scenario.

Today’s modern systems also come with elevator video monitoring. Examples of when this technology can be invaluable include:

  • Someone is incommunicative because of a heart attack or other ailment
  • The passenger is deaf, hard of hearing, or has other communication challenges
  • The operator can see what is happening in the car and communicate with passengers in real-time

Further, to be compliant with current safety code requirements, building owners must now ensure they have video monitoring in place.

Reason 2. Identify Mechanical Issues

The most meticulously maintained elevator can experience an unexpected mechanical issue or malfunction. This is where the availability of a dedicated elevator monitoring service can be invaluable.

For example, a building owner or passenger might not notice a subtle shift in how an elevator functions, but an experienced operator is likely to notice any variation in functionality right away. As a result of early detection of a mechanical issue, action can be taken to make minor repairs before they become major, which could result in downtime or safety risks.

Reason 3. Improve the Passenger Experience

No building is immune to pranksters, whether it’s keeping an elevator door propped open to prevent it from moving or pressing every button to delay movement between floors.

A monitoring service can quickly detect this issue and alert someone onsite to resolve the issue. This is especially helpful in busy buildings with a lot of elevator usage or during an event with heavy passenger traffic.

Reason 4. Deter Crime

Without a video monitoring service, criminals may feel emboldened to victimize vulnerable car passengers who are in a confined space and helpless to defend themselves and call for help. Surveillance cameras have been shown to reduce crime rates by 50% or more.

And, if a crime does take place, the video monitoring tools can provide evidence that helps catch the perpetrator.

Ready to Invest in Reliable Elevator Monitoring?

At ELEVATE, we provide state-of-the-art elevator phone and video monitoring services to provide building owners with peace of mind, compliance with safety code requirements, and protection from legal liability.

Our U.S.-based operators are the best in the business and are available 24/7. For more details about our elevator phones and services, call ELEVATE MONITORING at 1-877-990-9191.

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