Elevator Answering Service

Personal, quality customer service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from non-remote operators, in the USA.

Elevator emergency phone monitoring you can count on

ELEVATE Monitoring's own in-house telephone answering service to help you deliver personal, quality customer service. Anytime. Day or night.

Elevators operate 24/7 so its important to have office support around the clock — whether it’s the wee hours of the morning or late on a weekend night.

At ELEVATE Monitoring, we understand the importance of keeping your building's elevators running smoothly. That's why we offer a comprehensive elevator answering service designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your building's elevator system.

Our team of trained professionals is available 24/7 to handle all of your elevator-related needs, including maintenance requests, emergencies, and tenant complaints. We provide a single point of contact for all elevator issues, taking the burden off of you and your maintenance team.

Our elevator answering service is designed to be convenient and easy for your tenants to use. They simply need to remember one phone number to report a problem or request maintenance. We handle all of the communication and coordination with your maintenance team, so you don't have to worry about being inundated with calls and emails.

100% US based support services

The Benefits of Choosing Elevate Monitoring for Your Elevator Answering Service

ELEVATE, and its employees are located in the US. We never have and never will off-shore any part of our call-center services. We believe in understanding our customers and their culture here in the US.

We provide you with experienced live operators who are trained to handle everything from routine messages to emergency calls.  In fact, we strive to hire only operators with years of experience in the answering service industry — operators who are knowledgeable, professional and responsive to your customers’ needs.

And unlike other monitoring companies, ELEVATE Monitoring is a completely separate call center focused solely on inbound and outbound call services. So you can depend on us to deliver the most dedicated and dependable service possible.

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