A leading-edge
business, built on
a personal passion.

For Stew Helmig, life safety has been a lifelong mission.

Elevate Monitoring History

In his 18 years as a fireman, Stew Helmig saw firsthand how alarm systems can dramatically reduce the devastation of a fire. The experience inspired him to switch to the preventative side of life safety and make a career move to the alarm systems business. As Stew progressed in the industry, he grew unsatisfied with the existing safety standards. He was convinced there had to be better way of keeping consumers protected and productive. Driven by this belief, he founded Centralarm—a company that stays true to his commitment to life safety and continues to raise the bar in technology and customer-centric service. Part of that commitment is expanding the passion for life safety into other monitoring divisions, like ELEVATE.

""I never set out to build the biggest central station. I intended to build the best central station.""

~ Stew Helmig

Today, family-owned Centralarm has grown coast to coast serving homes and businesses all over the country, and expanded into other divisions of safety monitoring, such as ELEVATE. Our goal is to be your total solutions provider and to constantly win your business, by delivering the best overall value. With our guarantee and proven track record, you’ll know that Centralarm and ELEVATE always have your back—and your best interests in mind.

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