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It is critical to have a timely response from an emergency monitoring center when there is an elevator emergency in order to answer the call.

New Elevator Code – Two-Way Elevator Video Monitoring

There is a change in elevator emergency code, that is being adopted across the country.
It incorporates a video camera and a 2 way text response system for the hearing impaired. It also allows the monitoring company better visibility into the elevator to see if there is an emergency that can not be audibly communicated through the phone line.

In addition to this new elevator code requirement, two-way elevator video monitoring is also becoming increasingly popular. This type of system allows staff to not only monitor the elevator system remotely, but also communicate with building occupants in the event of an emergency.

elevator code change

ELEVATE is committed to being at the front of this change in elevator monitoring.

We are fully integrated with all of the new video two-way elevator systems, and our operators are fully trained on how to handle these emergencies.

ELEVATE Monitoring

Benefits of Elevator Monitoring

There are several benefits to implementing elevator monitoring in a building or facility. One of the primary advantages is increased safety. Elevator monitoring systems can detect problems with the elevator system before they occur, which can prevent accidents and injuries. For example, a monitoring system may detect a malfunctioning door sensor and alert maintenance staff before the door closes on someone.

Here at Elevate, we provide high-service, cost-effective elevator monitoring solutions. The difference of a professional monitoring center answering your elevators is significant.

Certified Operators

Certified Operators

Our operators receive daily training on handling elevator emergencies. They also receive a certification from the national organization of emergency monitoring, the TMA 5 diamond standard, ensuring the level of professionalism and expertise required for life safety.

UL listed Monitoring Facilities

UL listed Monitoring Facilities

Both of our monitoring locations are UL listed, which is the gold standard for emergency monitoring facilities. This means our facility has been constructed to and is operated in accordance with the strictest standards.

Built on Infinus™

Built on Infinus™

Infinus is our proprietary backbone. From our automation software, to our hot redundant monitoring sites, all aspects of our infrastructure are in duplicate or triplicate to ensure zero downtime. We also employ multiple data and phone carriers that we switch between in the event of a vendor outage.

We are ready to partner with you to create a solution that works for your voice and video elevator emergencies.

Our UL listed 5 Diamond 24/7 emergency response center will answer all calls with a live agent. Using the Caller ID associated with the elevator phone, our call system, paired with our automation system, instantly identifies the building, location, and elevator identity. Trained to handle both emergency and non-emergency situations, our agents are always ready to handle the call. Can you say the same about your current solution? Let us partner with you to design a solution that will meet the needs of your customers.

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