How To Reset Elevator Communications Failure

Your building’s elevator communications system serves as the last resort when all else fails. If this elevator communication system fails, does the panel set off an alarm? If not, the passengers won’t be able to get in touch with emergency personnel.

Safety installations like ELEVATE Monitoring’s reliable elevator phone system have two-way video monitoring connected to highly trained agents 24/7. If everything is in place, your building is safer, but it’s still useful to know how to reset elevator communications failure alarms after proper functioning returns. Otherwise, that annoying alarm will just keep sounding, and the elevator won’t be as safe to ride without a working communication system.

Learn about resetting your elevator’s communication system below.

Why Elevator Communications Failure Happens

First, let’s talk about why elevator communications failure happens so that you can avoid it. The top causes of elevator communication failure include the following:

  • Power failure
  • Faulty equipment
  • Poorly trained agents
  • Unpaid phone bills

Performing regular maintenance and inspecting your system routinely prevents many of these concerns. Still, accidents may happen, so preparation is key.

Resetting Elevator Communications Failure

With preventive maintenance and proper equipment, it’s simple to adhere to the ASME Elevator Code.

However, when a communications failure occurs in your building’s elevator, you will still have to respond promptly as follows to ensure passenger safety:

Step 1: Address the Immediate Elevator Concern

Before discussing how to reset elevator communications failure, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t turn off the alarm before addressing the actual concern that has triggered it. The communications failure alarm only goes off when there’s a breach of communication.

Elevators have many moving parts, from the door sensors to the software, that affect communication. It’s important to determine why the communication systems failed so that you can keep your building occupants safe on the elevator. If you turn off the alarm and reset things without fixing this problem, it will only start sounding again within 24 hours.

Step 2: Reset the Failure Alarm

If you’ve fixed the problem, you can reset the failure alarm.

The standard reset button is only good for 24 hours. An alarm that turns back on indicates that there is a communication system problem still unsolved. Typically, the alarm flashes a red light every 30 seconds, indicating there is a break in the elevator’s communication setup.

To reset the failure alarm, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the control panel near the elevator doors or inside the cab.
  2. Locate your 511 elevator key.
  4. Turn the key clockwise in the “BUZZER RESET” switch (below the alarm on the panel).
  5. Wait for the light to turn green.

Remember to check back in 24 hours to see if the alarm returns.

Prevent Communications Failure by Choosing ELEVATE Monitoring

That’s how to reset elevator communications failure, but can you prevent the problem from occurring entirely? Why not look into ELEVATE Monitoring’s dedicated phone line, which has 24/7 availability, backup power, and audio and visual communication to ensure passengers can always get help fast? Call 877-990-9191 today to learn more.

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