The Top Causes of Elevator Communications Failure

elevator communications failure

When the communication system in your elevator fails, passengers face immediate risks as your dispatchers can no longer assist. To prevent elevator communications failure, you must understand why it happens. Numerous concerns, from power outages to poorly trained dispatchers, can lead to a loss of communication in elevators. This article…

Who Answers Elevator Emergency Phone Calls?

who answers elevator emergency phone

You’re stuck inside an elevator, so you click the emergency call button, but what happens next? Who, if anyone, will answer? Learning the protocol for elevator distress calls is vital to keep your elevators up to code. A code-compliant, feature-rich elevator answering service connects occupants with highly trained professionals ready…

Reducing Liability From an Elevator Emergency

Group in Elevator

If you own a building with elevators, you want to do everything possible to prevent an elevator emergency. A secure elevator system will help keep your tenants, clients, workers, or visitors safe. What if you follow all elevator maintenance recommendations to a T, but an emergency still occurs? You must…

Elevator Code: Elevator Safety Codes from IBC 2021

Elevator Shaft

The IBC (International Building Code) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) recently introduced updated elevator code requirements. Specifically, emergency phones in new elevators should provide video and text communication to accommodate people with hearing and speech impairments. Learn more about the updated standards for elevator phones. Why Buildings Are…

The Types of Emergency Elevator Phones

Woman in elevator with two way monitoring

Since 1976, every building with elevators has had to provide emergency elevator phones. Twenty-four-seven monitoring enhances elevator safety, protects passengers’ peace of mind, and helps building owners avoid lawsuits. You may have heard about different types of elevator phone systems, like POTS, VoIP, and cellular. Today, two-way video monitoring is…

Elevator Emergency Phone Requirements

Industrial elevator

Millions of elevators run without a hitch every day, but it only takes one malfunction to leave riders trapped until help arrives. At the end of 2019, the ASME A171.1 (CSA B44 in Canada) code introduced revisions to make elevators safer for riders. These changes also require elevator systems to…

How Do Elevator Call Buttons Work?

External Glass Elevator

Have you ever wondered how elevator call buttons work? You press the button and wait for help to arrive, but have you ever considered what happens behind the scenes? At ELEVATE Monitoring, elevator monitoring is our business, and we are here to shed some light on how elevator emergency call…

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