Why Elevator Phones Are Crucial in Emergency Situations

If you’ve never been in an elevator emergency, it can be hard to imagine the panic. Whether the elevator is stuck, there is a mechanical issue, or the threat is in the elevator, your tenant needs assistance as quickly as possible.

No one wants to be stuck in a metal box without the ability to communicate with the outside world. That’s why elevator phones are so crucial to elevator safety measures. Without a working emergency phone, your tenants can’t contact the necessary service providers if there is an issue.

ELEVATE Monitoring provides 24/7 answering services for elevator emergency calls. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.

What Are Elevator Emergency Phones?

Elevator emergency phones are located on the walls of every elevator in a small box. They serve as direct lines of communication between the caller and a monitoring center like ELEVATE Monitoring.

Monitoring centers take calls 24/7. When they receive a call, they will ensure the elevator passenger’s safety by talking them through a situation or dispatching emergency services.

Phones in Elevator Emergencies

During an elevator emergency, time is of the essence. A few minutes can make the difference between a tenant making it out of the elevator safely and being injured or worse. Elevator phones ensure these matters are dealt with efficiently.

Medical Emergencies

Often, people travel on elevators in groups. If someone collapses or needs immediate medical attention, it’s important that others in the elevator can contact help as soon as possible.

Similarly, if someone is unwell and is riding the elevator alone, they should be able to contact a monitor agent easily.

Mechanical Emergencies

As much as your maintenance team may try to prevent them, mechanical problems happen. Unfortunately, they can happen when passengers are already in the elevator. Access to emergency services is essential if the elevator suddenly stops, the door won’t open, or another malfunction injures someone.

Victims Seeking Refuge

If a threat is outside the elevator, a victim may find an elevator to seek refuge. In this event, having a phone to contact a monitor agent who can dispatch the police is crucial, if not life-saving.

ASME Elevator Code Regulations

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) elevator code requires every elevator to have an emergency phone or communication system that connects passengers and monitoring centers.

Elevator emergency phone requirements help passengers feel safer, ensuring we can connect them to help immediately if something goes wrong.

ELEVATE Monitoring in an Emergency

ELEVATE Monitoring uses a two-way communication system in an elevator emergency to connect the passenger with an agent. If needed, we’ll communicate with emergency services like police, firefighters, or medical professionals.

Our elevator phones are available 24/7. We have experienced operators ready at all times and use several types of software and phone carriers to ensure zero downtime. We’ll stay on the elevator phone line until we know everyone involved is safe.

ELEVATE Monitoring is committed to your tenants’ safety. To get started with ELEVATE Monitoring, contact us at 1-877-990-9191.

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