Who Answers Elevator Emergency Phone Calls?

who answers elevator emergency phone

You’re stuck inside an elevator, so you click the emergency call button, but what happens next? Who, if anyone, will answer? Learning the protocol for elevator distress calls is vital to keep your elevators up to code.

A code-compliant, feature-rich elevator answering service connects occupants with highly trained professionals ready to handle any situation. Below, we discuss who answers elevator emergency phone calls and what you need to know about different elevator emergency contact options to select the right answering system for your building.

People Who May Answer an Elevator Emergency Phone Call

In any standard building, three primary parties may be in charge of elevator emergency phone response:

1. Office Staff

In some cases, the building’s front desk staff may be in charge of handling elevator emergency phone calls. This option carries several risks. If the office staff does not receive the proper training for emergency phone protocol in elevators, they may not know how to respond appropriately.
Anyone responding to emergency phone calls should:

  • Know how to identify various elevator components quickly
  • Understand and be up to date on all elevator code requirements
  • Know how to navigate high-stress scenarios with a level head

In most cases, your office staff simply will not have the knowledge, skills, or experience to meet these qualifications. On top of this, your office staff would need to be available 24/7 if you have occupants using the elevator day and night.

2. 911 Dispatchers

When asking, “Who answers elevator emergency phone calls?” most assume the answer is a 911 dispatcher.

Some elevator owners program their emergency call buttons to contact 911 dispatchers directly. The benefit here is that the occupant connects immediately with someone who can send firefighters, an ambulance, or other first responders if necessary. Unfortunately, this procedure for elevator emergency calls does not work so well for simple technical malfunctions.

For instance, if the elevator gets stuck in a particularly large building and passengers need to direct first responders to where they are, they may have trouble pinpointing their location. This could lead to delays, increasing the chances of someone getting hurt.

3. Trained Emergency Dispatch Responders

Who else can you choose if 911 dispatchers and your office staff are not options? In this situation, trained emergency dispatch responders are the ideal solution.
By choosing a service like ELEVATE Monitoring, your phone system will allow occupants to connect 24/7 with a team of highly trained professionals who can handle any elevator emergency or malfunction. They know how elevators work and will be able to notify 911 dispatchers during an emergency.

Choosing the Right Answering Service for Your Elevators

Now that you know who answers elevator emergency phone calls, you can begin researching options for trained emergency dispatchers. By choosing a solution like ELEVATE Monitoring, not only will you receive a 24/7 response team, but you will also be able to make essential elevator upgrades with our comprehensive monitoring system. Call ELEVATE Monitoring today at 877-990-9191 to learn more.

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