Four Essential Elevator Upgrades for Commercial Buildings

Elevator upgrades

If it’s been a few years since you paid attention to your elevators, you could be due for some modern elevator upgrades. Upgrading building elevators is the best way to keep guests safe and ensure an enjoyable ride.

Since you’ve got many elevator upgrades to choose from, such as an elevator answering service, it can be tough to choose the most essential ones. Below, find a few upgrades to consider that’ll modernize your building’s elevators.

Monitoring Upgrades

What happens if someone vandalizes your elevator or has a medical emergency while riding between floors? Without a monitoring system, you have no way of knowing what’s going on.

Monitoring systems provide a real-time video feed of everything happening in your elevator. If something goes wrong, you can call for an ambulance or maintenance staff.

Many older elevators have outdated monitoring systems. They provide a fuzzy, black-and-white video feed and little detail. Consider upgrading to a high-definition video system so you don’t miss anything in your elevator cab.

Security Upgrades

Let’s face it: Nobody wants to get into a cramped, dimly lit elevator with a bunch of strangers. That’s just asking for robbery, assault, or worse.

To protect your patrons, consider upgrading your lighting. LED lights are plenty bright and can last for years without needing to change the bulbs.

Elevator technology upgrades should also include alarms. Every elevator needs a clearly visible alarm button that riders can push if they’re in danger. The alarm should connect to a security service, ideally one that’s located onsite.

Emergency and Safety Upgrades

Per the ASME elevator code, all modern elevators must be equipped with several emergency features. One of these is a two-way communication system. You (or emergency personnel) and elevator passengers must be able to stay in touch at all times throughout the ride.

Other must-have safety features include the following:

  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Load capacity signs, as well as an alarm that alerts riders if they are exceeding capacity
  • Elevator buttons with braille
  • Adjustable cabin speed
  • A failsafe that takes the elevator to the nearest floor if there’s a power outage
  • Linkage to ensure the elevator door opens when the cab reaches its destination
  • Double-chain protection, which secures the cab should one chain fail

Aesthetic Upgrades

Aesthetic elevator upgrades aren’t necessarily a must-have, but they can make the ride more pleasant for your guests. Consider these:

  • Glass panels that allow riders to watch the scenery below
  • Handsome hardwood accents
  • Stainless steel handrails
  • Painted murals for elevator walls
  • Calming elevator music

Learn More About Our Efficient Elevator Enhancements

The modernization of elevators is critical for riders’ safety and comfort. Enhanced elevator systems offer robust security, but that’s not all. If you ever choose to sell your building, efficient elevator enhancements could help you get a higher selling price.

If you’re following the elevator code checklist and would like to learn more about our elevator improvement services, call Elevate Monitoring at 877-990-9191 to receive a quote for elevator upgrades today.

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