The Importance of In-Facility Monitoring: Elevator Phones

Elevator Monitoring

Reliable, easy-to-use elevator phones are a must for every building with elevators. These phones ensure quick communication between elevator users and a 24/7 monitoring center. So, how exactly does elevator monitoring work, and does your building need an in-facility response system?

Why Your Building Needs Elevator Monitoring

If your building has elevators, you need a secure monitoring system that includes elevator phones with 24/7 human response. Per updated ASME regulations, you’ll also need a video monitoring system if you’re installing new elevators or making major modifications to your existing ones. Code compliance will help you pass an elevator inspection and avoid heavy fines.

Apart from passing a building inspection, you need reliable elevator monitoring to:

  • Protect passengers’ peace of mind. Those anxious about using elevators will feel safer knowing your building has a secure 24/7 elevator monitoring system.
  • Ensure trained response to emergencies. Operators who answer elevator phones know how to handle an elevator emergency and ensure trained help reaches the elevator as soon as possible.
  • Protect your reputation. You must show your visitors, clients, or patients that your facility swiftly and efficiently responds to elevator emergencies.
  • Avoid liability. A reliable monitoring system will help you prevent stressful and costly liability lawsuits, which may occur if an elevator malfunctions and passengers don’t get quick help.

What Monitoring Operators Do

A trained elevator monitoring operator will:

  • Provide live, 24/7 human response
  • Help the elevator users understand the situation and give first-response instructions
  • If necessary, redirect the call to the appropriate emergency service or elevator technician
  • Reassure passengers, let them know qualified responders are on the way, and tell them when they may expect help to arrive
  • Ensure the appropriate medical or technical team arrives on site promptly

Remote vs. In-Facility Monitoring: What’s the Right Choice?

Most elevator monitoring centers work remotely, with staff answering calls from home since it’s a lot easier and more affordable than in-facility monitoring. While remote operators are an acceptable solution for many buildings, this choice always involves a security risk.

In a true elevator emergency, remote monitoring may create a time gap between the call and the response, which can compromise the safety of your elevator passengers. In some cases, it pays to invest in on-site monitoring. For example, if you run a hospital, a medical center, a large commercial center, or a facility that caters to people with disabilities, it may make sense to consider on-site monitoring for maximum elevator safety.

Not sure whether remote or in-facility monitoring will give you the right balance between security and value? Contact our team at Elevate Monitoring and learn which option makes the most sense for your building.

Elevate Monitoring: A-to-Z Elevator Safety Solutions

Are you looking for secure, ASME-compliant elevator safety solutions for your building? Whether you choose in-facility or remote monitoring, we at Elevate Monitoring are here to help keep your building safe. Call us at 877-990-9191 to learn more about our reliable elevator phones and advanced video monitoring solutions.

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