Guide to the Rising Trend of Elevator Monitoring Services

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An elevator malfunction could occur anytime in your building without you realizing it. Elevator monitoring solutions allow you to prevent hazards, prioritize occupant safety, and reduce maintenance costs as a building owner. Read on to learn about the top trends in 24/7 elevator monitoring to bring your building up to date.

What Is an Elevator Monitoring System?

An elevator monitoring system is an integrated tech platform offering full insights into the health of your building’s elevators and escalators so you can immediately learn about maintenance requirements, outages, safety issues, mechanical failures, and more. Building occupants can communicate with the system if something goes wrong, and you can quickly attend to their needs.

Rising Trends in Elevator Monitoring Systems

ASME elevator code mandates that all buildings with elevators employ emergency monitoring systems to protect occupants from hazards. Because of this code, new trends continue emerging in elevator monitoring systems as companies evolve the technology. For example, our UL-listed elevator phone monitoring solution at ELEVATE Monitoring guarantees zero downtime during outages.

Read on to learn about the top three emerging trends in elevator monitoring services.

1. Predictive Maintenance

An advanced elevator monitoring system helps in emergency scenarios while keeping your building up to date on maintenance requirements. The latest technology gives you regular reports regarding system health. For example, you can learn about misaligned motors, worn-down sheaves, and potential power failures to fix the small issues before a total outage occurs.

2. Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication allows occupants to speak with agents for support if an outage occurs. The most modern systems, like our solutions at ELEVATE Monitoring, provide video chats for enhanced help during critical situations. You can calm passengers during such fearful situations while providing tips on how to stay safe until help arrives.

For example, if a fire were to occur, agents could walk passengers through the exact steps they need to take to exit the elevator safely. Two-way communication helps passengers feel safe while boosting your building’s credibility.

3. Updates To Meet New Elevator Codes

The technology will evolve to exceed standards when any new elevator code comes out. The current elevator monitoring trends go above and beyond code requirements to ensure maximum safety and building efficiency. As safety standards continue prioritizing passenger safety, we expect the technology to follow suit.

Choosing the Right Elevator Monitoring Service for Your Building

When finding the right elevator monitoring service for your building, consider the following factors:

  • Predictive maintenance features
  • Average downtime during outages
  • Elevator compatibility
  • Communication features
  • Elevator answering options
  • Operator expertise
  • Field experience and reputation
  • Pricing
  • Adherence to code

Jump on Trend by Choosing the Right Elevator Monitoring Company

If you’re looking for an elevator monitoring company that doesn’t just follow the trends but creates them, look no further than ELEVATE Monitoring. Our monitoring solutions provide enhanced maintenance insights, zero downtime, ideal passenger safety, 24/7 monitoring, and the latest communication features. Contact ELEVATE Monitoring today at 1-877-990-9191 to learn more about our monitoring systems.

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