The Six Types of Elevator and How To Choose One

The Six Types of Elevator and How To Choose One

Thinking of buying a new elevator or two for your building? It’s a big investment, so you want to choose the right one. With so many elevator varieties on the market, it’s hard to know which type suits your building’s needs. Below, learn about six different elevator types from our elevator…

The Top Causes of Elevator Communications Failure

elevator communications failure

When the communication system in your elevator fails, passengers face immediate risks as your dispatchers can no longer assist. To prevent elevator communications failure, you must understand why it happens. Numerous concerns, from power outages to poorly trained dispatchers, can lead to a loss of communication in elevators. This article…

Who Answers Elevator Emergency Phone Calls?

who answers elevator emergency phone

You’re stuck inside an elevator, so you click the emergency call button, but what happens next? Who, if anyone, will answer? Learning the protocol for elevator distress calls is vital to keep your elevators up to code. A code-compliant, feature-rich elevator answering service connects occupants with highly trained professionals ready…

How Often Do Elevators Need To Be Inspected?

how often do elevators need to be inspected

If you own a commercial building with an elevator, you must follow a regular elevator maintenance schedule to keep it in safe, working order for all occupants. Even knowing that, you may wonder: How often do elevators need to be inspected? Below, we discuss the recommended elevator inspection frequency and…

How Elevator Modernization Enhances ROI

Elevator modernization

If you’ve got an older building with a rickety, ancient elevator, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Your elevator may work fine today, but what happens if it fails with a load of riders inside? What if someone has a medical emergency while trapped in the car? Elevator modernization, and…

The Future of Vertical Mobility in Smart Buildings

Smart buildings

Elevators in the Era of Smart Buildings The evolution of smart buildings is redefining the expectations from building technologies, pushing the boundaries of convenience, safety, and efficiency. At the heart of this transformation are elevators, which are no longer just transport mechanisms but integral components of a building's intelligent ecosystem.…

Enhancing Accessibility in Elevators: The Role of Elevator Code and Monitoring Technologies

Enhancing Accessibility in Elevators

Elevators as a Gateway to Accessibility Accessibility in public and private spaces is not just a legal requirement; it's a fundamental aspect of inclusive design. Elevators, pivotal in multi-story buildings, have evolved significantly under the guidance of updated elevator codes to meet the accessibility needs of individuals with disabilities. This…

Reducing Liability From an Elevator Emergency

Group in Elevator

If you own a building with elevators, you want to do everything possible to prevent an elevator emergency. A secure elevator system will help keep your tenants, clients, workers, or visitors safe. What if you follow all elevator maintenance recommendations to a T, but an emergency still occurs? You must…

Elevator Code: Elevator Safety Codes from IBC 2021

Elevator Shaft

The IBC (International Building Code) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) recently introduced updated elevator code requirements. Specifically, emergency phones in new elevators should provide video and text communication to accommodate people with hearing and speech impairments. Learn more about the updated standards for elevator phones. Why Buildings Are…

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