How an Elevator Monitoring System Can Improve Building Safety

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Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast probably doesn’t relish the idea of climbing dozens of flights of stairs each day to get from Point A to Point B in a commercial or residential building. Thanks to elevators, we can relax and get to our destinations in seconds. Sometimes we’re even accompanied by elevator music.

In addition to being convenient, elevators are remarkably safe, especially when they’re equipped with modern two-way communication systems and reliable 24/7 elevator monitoring systems.

It’s not always obvious how working with an elevator monitoring company can enhance building safety, and this article outlines how this service works to prevent issues and address emergency situations in real-time proactively.

A Monitoring Company Provides 24/7 Assistance

A building manager might not be on-site 24/7, and even if they are, there might not be eyes on the inside of the elevator. By hiring an elevator monitoring company, you’ll have a modern system that keeps track of what’s happening inside of the elevator, how well the elevator is functioning, and any issues that need to be addressed.

As a result of having 24/7 monitoring in place, your passengers can experience better peace of mind. If a disaster or inconvenience strikes, passengers will be able to reach someone right away and get expert assistance. This can reduce the risk of injury, deter crime, and prevent false personal injury claims.

Improve Building Security with Elevator Monitoring

Depending on the source of the study, cameras and real-time monitoring prevent between 50% to 60% (or more) of crimes from taking place. Because elevators are confined spaces and passengers are “trapped” with other occupants until the car reaches the next floor, people are vulnerable during this window, however brief.

Fortunately, the presence of an elevator system equipped with video monitoring can deter criminals and provide passengers with a better sense of safety and security.

Elevator Video Monitoring is Required by Law

Because 24/7 monitoring and two-way communication systems are so essential to ensure safety, they are now required by law under ASME safety codes. Even in today’s world of ubiquitous cell phones, there might not be cell phone reception in an elevator car.

Also, who does someone call in an emergency? When there’s an experienced operator on the other end, the operator can alert the property parties and stay on the line with the passenger until help arrives.

To be compliant with current standards, a monitoring system must have the following elevator safety features:

  1. The ability for the passenger to reach a live person 24/7
  2. The option to explain what’s happening (including video if the person is hearing or otherwise impaired)
  3. Caller ID of the elevator location
  4. Operators who are authorized to send help, technicians, medical personnel, or an ambulance

Improve Building Safety with ELEVATE

At ELEVATE, we have over 34 years of experience providing building owners and managers with bespoke, state-of-the-art elevator monitoring systems. To learn more about our elevator phones and monitoring services, call us at 1-877-990-9191.

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