Complete Guide to Elevator Monitoring Systems for Buildings

Man Using Elevator in Building

No building owner wants to think about it, but what would happen if one of your elevators suddenly stopped working? If you haven’t installed an elevator monitoring system, you could be unaware of the problem for hours or even days.

Here’s what you need to know about elevator monitoring systems and why you need to install one today.

What Are Elevator Monitoring Systems?

Elevator monitoring systems, as the name implies, allow you to keep tabs on the status of your elevators. They can alert you to mechanical failures and potential user safety issues, such as malfunctioning doors that could shut on someone and hurt them.

The ASME Elevator Code requires all building owners to equip elevators with an emergency monitoring system, such as those offered by Elevate Monitoring. Our UL-listed monitoring systems guarantee zero downtime by switching between data and phone carriers in the event of an outage.

Why Does Your Building Need an Elevator Monitoring System?

Does your building have an elevator monitoring system in place yet? If not, here’s why you should consider installing an elevator safety system today.

Cut Down on Major Repair Bills

An elevator monitoring and control system alerts you to problems such as power failures, worn sheaves, and misaligned motors. By reviewing the reports from your remote elevator monitoring system, you can spot small issues before they become much more expensive headaches.

Help Passengers When Something Goes Wrong

For many people, getting trapped inside an elevator is their worst nightmare. Thanks to two-way communication and elevator phone monitoring, operators can speak with passengers trapped in the elevator and help ease their fears.

Elevator video monitoring gives personnel an up-close look at what’s happening inside the car. For instance, if a caller becomes unresponsive, personnel can check the feed to see whether the passenger needs medical attention.

Emergency elevator monitoring systems also allow operators to monitor areas of refuge where people can wait for help when it’s not safe to leave the building.

Stop Crime in Your Elevators

If you’ve been dealing with criminal activity, such as thefts and assaults in your elevators, you need to take it seriously. Video elevator monitoring allows you to see exactly what’s happening in each car in real time. It also records footage for later viewing.

Pass Elevator Inspections

Per ASME requirements, your elevators must have a functioning monitoring system to pass inspection. Without such a system, not only will your elevators fail inspection, but you could also rack up pricey fines. These fines often keep increasing until you’ve installed or fixed your system.

Learn More About Our Elevator Monitoring Solutions

If you’re searching for reliable elevator monitoring systems, look no further than Elevate Monitoring. Our systems run 24/7, even when the power goes out. All calls from your system will go directly to a live agent who is highly trained in handling elevator emergencies. Plus, our systems can instantly identify malfunctioning elevators so operators can send help directly to where it’s needed.

To find out more about our elevator monitoring systems, call us at 1-877-990-9191 today.

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