How To Locate Your Elevator Phone Number

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Your building’s elevators must have up-to-code communications systems so occupants can make emergency calls. Locating your elevator phone number is vital in testing whether your system is up to code. Read on to learn how to find the phone number associated with your elevator to avoid fines, unhappy residents, and safety hazards.

Locating Your Elevator’s Phone Number by Testing the System

You should always know your elevator’s phone number for appropriate two-way communication and building safety. You likely dedicated a phone number during installation and programming, but you may not be able to locate this information anymore. If you don’t know the number, you’ll need to test the system’s compliance with ASME and ADA codes by making an outward call to emergency personnel.

1. Enter the Elevator Cabs and Call Emergency Personnel

You and another tester must first catch a ride on two separate elevator cabs. Once inside, activate the elevator phones simultaneously.

The two phones should be in use at the same time. You and the other tester should each be able to talk to an emergency operator. If either phone cannot connect or becomes disconnected when the other goes through, your elevator does not meet the code.

Once you have reached emergency personnel, ensure that you can hear them and that they can hear you. The other tester should confirm the same.

2. Ask for the Elevator’s Location and Phone Number

Now that you’re on the line with an emergency operator, ask them to provide your elevator phone number and address. One of the most important aspects of elevator compliance is ensuring that first responders can locate your elevator during emergencies. The operator should be able to tell you the elevator’s correct address and phone number without you telling them first.

3. Call the Number Associated With Your Elevator

Now that you know the phone number associated with your elevator, you must place a call to ensure it’s correct. You can use an office or cell phone to place the call. If the call doesn’t go through and the elevator phone does not ring or automatically answer, your elevators are not compliant.

When you can’t make calls to your building’s elevators, you do not have two-way communication. You may need to contact your phone’s manufacturer to address the issue or consider upgrading your communication system.

Need Help Getting Your Elevator Up to Code?

After locating your elevator phone number, you may have discovered that your building’s elevators aren’t up to code. If so, we can help get everything in your elevator system up to speed with expert solutions, the latest upgrades, and the most reliable equipment.

At ELEVATE MONITORING, we provide advanced two-way communication systems for elevators that meet all code standards for safe and efficient operation. Our video elevator specialists have over 30 years of experience creating smarter, better, and safer elevator solutions. Call ELEVATE MONITORING today at 877-990-9191 to discover how we can upgrade your elevator’s communication system.

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